Future Continuous Tense

Future Continuous Tense :

Read the following paragraph.

Next week we will be flying to Kashmir. We will be meeting all our relatives and going for long treks in the snow. All our old friends will be coming to see us. They will be inviting us to their houses for typical Kashmiri meals. We will be eating till we burst! We will be having a great time.

All the words that are in bold are in the future continuous tense.

As you can see, the future continuous tense is used for an action that will go on for some time in the future.

I will be working this weekend, so I will not go to the party.

When I reach home, mother will be watching her favourite television show while Harish will be playing with his friends.

Tomorrow, we will be learning how to make a Russian salad.

The Prime Minister will be arriving at the airport by 7 o’clock. He will be attending the inauguration of the bridge.

In winter, the bears will be hibernating, so it is not a good idea to visit the bear sanctuary in the month of December.

It is not easy to go North in winter. The climate will be freezing. It will be snowing everywhere. We will be sitting at home the whole day.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. We will be celebrating it with great enthusiasm. Prateek will be playing his flute while Madhuri will be baking a special cake. Father will be making lunch while mother will be resting the whole day, pampered by all of us.

Could you meet us today? We will be leaving tomorrow.

The Principal will be addressing the audience while the teachers will be welcoming the chief guest.

The train will be arriving any moment now. Stay away from the edge of the platform.

My father is very strict. He will be not accepting any excuse for not doing the work. He will be reading the paper in the morning and so he does not like to be disturbed. We will tell about the remark in the calendar later. At 8 o’clock, he will be getting ready to go to the office, he will be in a hurry so he will not ask too many questions. Mother will be packing the lunch boxes. That will be the best time to approach him!

Future Continuous Tense

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