GANGA The Holy River

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GANGA The Holy River :

Gangecha Yamune chaiva Godavari Saraswathi,
Narmade, Sindhu, Kaveri Jalcsmin Sannidhim Kuru.

This is a Vedic mantra about our holy rivers. Our sages and orthodox people chant this mantra while performing pooja. Every Indian chants this while having a bath not only at home but also in rivers and pools. These rivers are not mere rivers for them but the real Goddesses who bless them good-health and prosperity.

They are the names of big rivers of India. They are Perinnial Rivers. Apart from these rivers there are small streams also. They are considered to be the boons granted by God. It is because they provided water for irrigation and for drinking. They are also very helpful in generating electricity.

Among all these rivers Ganga is very famous. Its origin is the Himalaya. Ganga appears in a place called Gomuka. It is only a small stream there. When it flows near chirbasa, it widens. Here Ganga flows wildly, jumping and dancing and roaring. The speed is also great. The pilgrims welcome her at Gangothri. Mandakini and Alakananda join Ganga at Devaprayaga. Then the river reaches the plain at Rushikesh and flows peacefully and smoothly.

Adi Shankaracharya says….

Kanya Kalmasha nashine
Ganga Manoharini

A dip in Ganga is enough to wipe out our sins and it grants us mental peace and happiness. So people in old days used to go to Kashi on foot to have a bath in the river. They had a firm belief that a dip in Ganga was enough for them to attain Moksha - liberation from birth and death.

Now what is the situation? Is she really a holy river? Alas! With the advent of industrialisation, big towns and cities and greedy nature of man, our holy rivers have been polluted. The water of these rivers is unfit to drink. Because they contain all kinds of poisonous elements, sewage of so many cities.

In Ganga we can see half-burnt bodies and ash of human beings. It is due to greedy nature of man. There are some people on the bank of the river. These people throw the corps taken from the pyre to the river. Then they sell the fire-wood to the other party. The dirty and chemical waste water of so many industries join the river. This is the gift of the modern and civilized man.

Rajiv Gandhi tried his level best to clean the Ganga. Nearly one thousand crores of rupees were wasted but Ganga never became pure. Some people became very rich because of Ganga. This is the fate of every river in India. In due course, these rivers may become the source of many diseases.

GANGA The Holy River

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