Gender of Personified Things

Gender of Personified Things :

Inanimate objects or qualities are sometimes spoken of as if they were persons. Nouns of either masculine or feminine are used to denote those things when they are personified. They are then said to be personified. Such things are regarded as male or female and hence the nouns expressing them can be Masculine or Feminine. A noun thus made to denote a person is commenced with a capital letter as if it were a Proper Noun.

As a general rule things remarkable for strength, greatness, vitality, Manlihood and superiority are regarded as males such as the Sun, Summer, Winter, Ocean, Thunder, Wind, Death, War, Time.

The Sun sheds his bright light on all alike.

Death lays his icy hand on kings. (Shirley)

On the other hand, states or qualities expressed by Abstract Nouns and whatever is supposed to possess beauty, fertility, grace, prettiness and inferiority are regarded as females such as the Earth, Spring, Hope, Virtue, Truth, Justice, Pride, Mercy, Charity, Peace, Humility, Jealousy, Fame, Modesty, Liberty, Flattery, etc.

The Moon is regarded as Feminine, because she is an inferior luminary to her supposed brother, the Sun, from whom her rays are borrowed.

The moon doth with delight look round her. (Wordsworth)

Love virtue, she alone is free. (Milton)

Peace hath her victories no less renowned than war. (Milton)

The Sun is scorching in June and July. He is not showing mercy upon us.

In this sentence, The Sun is treated as a MALE.

Liberty is what we all love to have. But she is evading many.

In this sentence, LIBERTY is treated as a FEAMLE.

The Earth gives birth to all creatures. But, do we protect her?

In this sentence, EARTH is treated as a FEAMLE.

The Truth is there in all the holy books. But she is not understood by us.

In this sentence, TRUTH is treated as a FEAMLE.

The Atlantic Ocean contains all the myth in this world. He is the container of our knowledge.

In this sentence, THE ATLANTIC OCEAN is treated as a MALE.

A ship, though the noun is not commenced with a capital, is always spoken of as she. The same is often said of a railway train, a motor-car and other machines.

The ship lost all her crew.
The Rani will begin her first journey on the 15th August.

There are many such instances in which the inanimate objects will be treated either with masculine or with feminine nouns.


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Gender of Personified Things :

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