Great Expectations

Great Expectations :

In a village in England lived a poor boy named Philip Pirrip. He was called Pip by everyone who knew him. Pip’s parents had both died when he was only six years old and he lived with his uncle Joe. Joe was a blacksmith.

One day Pip, who was only a boy of twelve, was wandering in the countryside, when he was stopped by two burly looking men.

One of the men said, “Look. We are criminals. We will do you no harm if you can get us some food. But if you don’t, you will not escape alive.” Pip was terrified and did as was told. One of the criminals was very grateful and promised Pip that he would repay him back for his kindness.

Months later, Pip was called to Miss Havisham’s bungalow on top of the hill. Miss Havisham was an eccentric old lady who wanted Pip to play with a little girl in her house. Pip went to Miss Havisham’s place. He was escorted to her room.

It was a strange place. The room was filled with cobwebs. The clock had stopped at twenty minutes past nine and Miss Havisham, an old lady, was sitting down in a creaky old chair in her bridal dress. Pip felt nervous.

“Come here boy,” said Miss Havisham, “What is your name?”

“Philip, ma’am but, people call me Pip.”

“Pip, I want you to play with Estella,” she said.

And there in the corner of the room stood a very pretty girl. Pip and Estella played a game of cards, till it was time for Pip to go home.

After the first time, Pip was called many times to Miss Havisham’s house to play with Estella. Pip grew very fond of her but she was always cold and cruel to him.

Many years later, a man approached Pip in Joe’s workshop, where Pip was helping Joe and said, “Are you Philip? You have just inherited a property. You will be paid five hundred pounds a month.”

Pip was overjoyed that he was rich. He thought that it was the work of Miss Havisham, who was secretly acting as his guardian. Pip left for London. Estella too was now in London.

Pip bade farewell to his uncle Joe who was very sad to see Pip go. Pip started his business with a partner to help him out. Pip became successful.

Pip in conversation with his lawyer came to know the tragedy in Miss Havisham’s life. It seemed that she had been in love with a young man who had deceived her. Since then she had adopted Estella to take revenge on all young men.

Pip was still deeply in love with Estella and hoped one day she would accept him.

In the years to come Pip came to know that the money he had been getting was from none other than the criminals he had given food and water too. Pip was shocked that he had been living of a criminal’s money. He refused any more money. Pip’s partner helped him out in these difficult times.

Pip’s fascination for Estella continued. He always followed her around but Estella never treated Pip with any dignity. She had found an acquaintance in a man by the name of Bentley Drummel. Pip did not like Bentley and thought him to be cruel. Estella married Bentley Drummel. Pip was heartbroken and knew it was the revenge of Miss Havisham.

Great Expectations

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Great Expectations
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