Habit of Reading

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Habit of Reading :

Reading maketh a full man.
Conference maketh a ready man.
Writing maketh an exact man.

This is a very popular statement of Francis Bacon. This tells us the importance of reading books. As a human being, after learning the three R’s, Man should devote one or two hours a day for reading. It may be for gaining knowledge or for fun or for spending leisure time in a proper way. Reading is a very useful hobby because it gives us peace of mind and pleasure.

A question may arise namely, ‘What kind of books should be chosen to read?’ There is no particular rule. Nobody dictates us to read a particular book. The reader has complete freedom to select the book of his choice. Due to the wonderful technological improvement in printing, we can see thousands of books on all subjects printed elegantly. The present day book exhibition is a feast to the eyes. There are books on philosophy, history, religion, music, art, literature, law, science and technology, engineering, computer, banking, economics and agriculture and mass communication. There is no end, so a person can choose the book according to his / her interest and capacity to understand the contents of the book. Apart from these subjects, there are fictions - novels, short-story collections, plays, poetry and travelogue.

Reading is my favourite hobby. I am fond of reading novels of both classical and modem. I read Hardy boys. But my favourite and sacred book is the Mahabharata of Rajaji. There arc some people who think and say that the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are purely meant for old hags and the idle persons. There are some professors, who argue about the reality of the story and their venue. The main reason for such arguments is publicity. Their names should appear in the mass media that is all.

By reading this epic, I usually feel very happy and get peace of mind. The portion of the Bhagavad-Gita is called Panchama Veda (Fifth Veda). Kumara Vyasa who has written the Kannada version of the Bharatha says….

For Kings it is bravery.
For saints and yogis it is philosophy.
For Ministers it provides intelligence.
For ardent lover it is beautification.
For learned men it is an ornament.
For poetics it is Guru (teacher).

That is the greatness of the Mahabharata. Therefore I read it regularly.

Habit of Reading

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