Health is Wealth.

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Health is Wealth. :

The majority of people worships God and prays him to bless them with money and wealth. They have a firm belief that if they have plenty of money anything and every- thing can be got. But that is a wrong notion. They have forgotten a fundamental thing namely health. Of all the material things health is the most precious one. You ask any ill health person the following question - What precious thing do you want, Sir?

You may wonder at his answer. He does not want any precious thing in the world except good health. If we have this everything will follow one after the other.

In order to become a healthy man there are certain principles in life. If we follow them, we will become Visweswaraya or A.N. Murthy Rao. First of all our mind should be sound. This will only be found in a sound body. Regulated food is the first requisite for good health. Our diet must be simple and whole some. Green vegetable, milk and well cooked food should be taken at fixed hours. Spices, fats, heavy food should be avoided. Eating between meals is always bad for our health. Our life must become a disciplined life. That is food, work and rest has to be carried on in a disciplined way.

Physical exercise is very important. According to the age and taste exercises should be chosen. Walking in the early hours is a good exercise. Students should take part in sports and games. Some people have a wrong notion. They say that we should not work too hard. It is a wrong notion and sheer nonsense. Hard work is not harmful to our body. It is a must because the bad elements come out of our body in the form of sweat and our hunger increases. So we eat sufficient food and can easily digest it.

We must always avoid bad temper, anger, jealousy, worry, greed and hatred. They are like fire and they burn the person who has these bad companions. We must always be tolerant, peaceful and lovable in our behaviour towards others. Whenever there is a problem sit peacefully for sometime and then pray God. Read some good books namely HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING? or the 12th chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita. Gandhi used to read this chapter when ever he was troubled by a number of problems

If we lose wealth, it is nothing.
But if we lose health, everything is lost.

Health is Wealth.

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