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Human life is not at all same. It is quite different from each individual. Some people may lead a happy and contended life. For some it is a monotonous and melancholy. After a day’s hard work, people have to utilise their leisure time in a proper way. It is not possible to see the picture and visit clubs for entertainment because they are costly and time consuming. In big cities, it is a headache. So people have to think some other ways so that they would enjoy and be happy for themselves. Here the beloved friend HOBBY provides not only entertainment but also happiness.

Hobby is not a one’s regular business. It is a useful work in which one takes interest and feels pleasure to do in his spare time. There is no monetary benefit. Hobby is quite different from the regular part of work.

Is there any rule to pursue a hobby? There is no such rule because each and every individual has his own taste, talent and interest in something or the other. In this computer age there are hundreds of hobbies and people will have full liberty to choose whatever they like, we may mention some of them.

1. Blogging
2. Classical music
3. Coin collection
4. Dance
5. Drama
6. Gardening
7. Light music
8. Mountaineering
9. Oratory
10. Painting
11. Photography
12. Reading
13. Social service
14. Stamp collection
15. Trekking
16. Writing

Photography is a costly hobby. For the poor, it is difficult to pursue. Painting is also the same. So people must be very careful while choosing a hobby. Out, in a long run, if he becomes an expert in his hobby, it may bring money and fame. A man / woman may become a great musician, a great dancer, or an actor / actress or a painter. It depends upon the individual’s proper use of leisure hours.

Gardening is also a pleasurable hobby because we are in the midst of plants and flowers and it leads us to love of nature and the nature’s children (plants, trees, birds and animals). It provides a good exercise for the day. So it keeps the person healthy, happy and fresh.

We can also grow vegetables in our compound. Gardening is really a great hobby, because we can enjoy the sweet smell of the flowers and their different colours plants and trees are our true friends. When Shakuntala left her father’s hermitage she hugged each plant and said GOOD BYE.

If the voice is melodious, then music is really a good hobby. If a person practices two or three years sincerely he / she may become a great musician. John B. Higgins of America took only two years to master the classical music in Madras and he became one of the greatest classical musicians (Karnataka style). Instead of wasting the valuable leisure time in useless talk, one should pursue a hobby of his own/her own. It has both educative and cultural value. It gives a stimulus to life of an individual.


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