How I Spent My Last Summer Vacation...

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How I Spent My Last Summer Vacation... :

This year I spent my summer vacation in Chennai which is my home-town. Normally my parents take our family to some new city or place. My father, however, had some work and so we could not go anywhere.

I was disappointed at first. Then my uncle gave me a brilliant suggestion and asked me to explore my own city. For the first time I realised how many interesting places there were and how many exciting things to do.

Everyday I would take my bicycle and a map and explore various parts of the city. It was if I had found a new world.

For the first time I visited our museum at Egmore. Over 100 years old, the museum has many fascinating art and historical objects. I saw paintings by Ravi Varma, one of India’s greatest painters and even a 20 foot rifle used in 1852.

I saw old coins of India and art work from all parts of the nation. Not only did I learn about the ancient Indian culture and traditions. This taught me their importance. I am so proud to be an Indian.

Apart from the museum I also visited libraries. I learnt about India’s Independence struggle and found out a lot of details about our leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru.

I also discovered parks and wonderful old buildings. I met a lot of new people everyday and made many friends. So, instead of spending a boring summer, I had the most exciting vacation right here in my city.

How I Spent My Last Summer Vacation...

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