How to use Active Voice?

How to use Active Voice? :

Sometimes we must mention the doer or agent even in a passive sentence. The sentences in active voice naturally mention the does of the action.

(1) Boys, not girls, made these. (active voice)

These were made by boys, not girls. (passive voice)

(2) Clare, not Margaret, brought the flowers. (Active voice)

The flowers were brought by Clare, not Margaret. (Passive voice)

(3) Mrs. Jones herself opened the front door. (Active voice)

The front door was opened by Mrs. Jones herself. (Passive voice)

(4) Falling rocks killed two of the climbers. (Active voice)

Two of the climbers were killed by falling rocks. (Passive voice)

(5) Mr. Minto pinned up that notice. (Active voice)

That notice was pinned up by Mr. Minto. (Passive voice)

(6) A policeman, called Kewal Singh, caught the thief. (Active voice)

The thief was caught by a policeman, called Kewal Singh. (Passive voice)

(7) The First boy answered the question better than the second. (Active voice)

The question was answered better by the first boy than the second. (Passive voice)

(8) Yesterday's storm blew those telephone poles down. (Active voice)

Those telephone poles were blown down by yesterday's storm. (Passive voice)

(9) Miss Brown will type it much better than Miss Green. (Active voice)

It will be typed much better by Miss Brown than Miss Green. (Passive voice)

(10) Mr. Foetedar didn't write it. I wrote it. (Active voice)

It wasn't written by Mr. Foetedar. It was written by me. (Passive voice)

Study the following sentences.

(1) I am sorry they read out the list of names. (Active voice)

I am sorry the list of names was read out. (Passive voice)

(2) They have already sent for the ambulance. (Active voice)

The ambulance has already been sent for. (Passive voice)

(3) Someone has apparently rubbed the drawing out. (Active voice)

The drawing has been apparently rubbed out. (Passive voice)

(4) People have scratched off all the paint. (Active voice)

All the paint has been scratched off. (Passive voice)

(5) No one has pulled my tooth out. (Active voice)

My tooth has not been pulled out. (Passive voice)

(6) It is a pity that no one copied down his exact words. (Active voice)

It is a pity that his exact words were not copied down. (Passive voice)

How to use Active Voice?

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