How to use All?

How to use All? :

All : (of) - Every one or everything (or) the whole number, quantity or amount

1. I brought all of them.

2. We invited all of the members but none did attend.

3. They invited all and sundry to the party. (All and Sundry = all types of people)

4. It was all he could do.

5. No. I am not at all tired. (At all = in anyway)

6. I don't agree with you at all.

Usage : ALL or ALL OF can be used before nouns with a determiner - such , the, those, his.

1. All of the family members are attending the wedding.
2. All of the students prepare well for the examination.

('All' is singular with uncountable nouns)

1. All of the money is spent.
2. It is plural with plural nouns.
3. All of the Parliament members have gone.
4. All of my friends like to smoke.
5. All of you are not wrong.
6. I've read all of the books written by Nehru.

How to use All?

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