How to use Each?

How to use Each? :

Each : (determiner) (Pronoun)

Every single one of two or more things or people considered separately

1. All for each and each for all….
2. She had a ring on each of her fingers.
3. She cut the fruit into pieces and gave one to each of the children.
4. There are four rooms, each with its own furniture.
5. It costs USD $ 50 for the first day and then USD $ 40 for each of the additional days.

Note: Each is used to denote everyone of a number of persons or things taken singly.

Each is a pronoun, denoting everyone of a number, separately considered.

'Each' - is used also as a "determiner" with a singular countable noun.

Each day is becoming worse than the one before.

1. Each brother & Each sister are correct expressions.
2. Each my sister & each my brother are not a correct expressions.

1. Each of my friends gave me prizes separately.
2. I have invited each of my friends in turn.

Note : EACH OF is used with a plural noun.

I had some beautiful dreams yesterday night. Each was more wonderful than the other.

Each of us have our own way of doing things.

Note :

US & HAVE are plural.
EACH refers to US.

My friends have each married beautiful cinema actresses.

EACH can be singular or plural in the following sentences.

But they are not pronouns.

1. Each teacher explains in their own way.
2. Each teacher explains it in his own way.

How to use Each?

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