How to use Neither?

How to use Neither? :

Neither : (determiner - Pronoun) - not one and not the other of the two

1. Neither of the roads lead to the railway station.
2. Will you have coffee or tea, please?
3. "Neither. Thanks."
4. Neither of my sons are tidy.
5. Neither of them can understand.
6. "Which one do you want?"
7. "Neither is any good.”
8. Neither of the accusations is true.

Study the following sentences.

(1) Each of the students received prize.
(2) Each of these books cost ten rupees.
(3) I bought each of these fruits for one rupee.
(4) These pupils each received a reward.
(5) These fruits cost each five rupees.
(6) These fruits cost five rupees each.
(7) I got these fruits for one rupee each.

Note : See the position EACH in these sentences.

(1) The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister hate each other.
(2) They are cheating one another.
(3) His wives quarreled with each other.
(4) The officials gave evidence against one another.

Note : When speaking about two persons or things, we use each other. "One another" is used when speaking about more than two things or persons.

This rule is not strictly observed.

How to use Neither?

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