How to use None?

How to use None? :

None : (of) Not any (or) no amount or part.

1. Have you any money? No. None at all.
2. None of your foolishness. Please.
3. None of their promises have been kept.
4. None of the telephones is working.
5. None of the telephones are working.
6. Even an old cycle is better than none at all.
7. The mystery guest on the show is none other than the Chief Minister himself.
8. None of us are ready yet.
9. None of our workshops is in working condition.

Note : When NONE OF is followed by a plural noun it usually takes a plural verb in ordinary speech. But in formal writing, a singular verb is used.

1. None of his stories is well-known.
2. None but a fool will believe these things.

How to use None?

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