How to use One?

How to use One? :

One : Singular

Ones : Plural

Used instead of a noun or noun phrase that describes a single thing or person.

Have you any book on racing? I'd like to borrow one. (one = a book on racing)

1. This one is smaller.
2. This officer is the one who gives the orders.
3. This horse is the one that has given us some trouble.
4. One should do one's duty.
5. One should wash oneself regularly.
6. One hardly knows what to do.
7. One should not be always watchful of one's good name.
8. One must not talk of one's own success.
9. One must not talk of one's own success.
10. One should use one's potential to its maximum.
11. One's family may be a nuisance at times.
12. One cannot succeed unless he works hard. (American English)
13. One cannot succeed unless one works hard.
14. I'd like a big one with cream on.
15. I'd like one with cream on.
16. One of my friends is a cinestar.

Note : Do not use his or her when subject is ONE.

How to use One?

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