How to use Other?

How to use Other? :

Other : (determiner - Pronoun) the second of two (or) the remaining one of a set (or) what is left as well as the mentioned

1. She has holding the wheel with one hand in the car and taking the book with the other (one).

2. One or other of us will be attending the wedding party.
3. Be good to others.
4. Did you ask anybody to go there?
5. What is everybody's business is nobody's business.

All these pronouns, one, none, they, all, some, somebody, nobody, few, many & other refer to persons or things in a general way, but do not refer to any person or thing in particular.

They are called Indefinite Pronouns.

These words can be used as Adjectives also.

1. I will be a millionaire one day.
2. The officer is a man of few words.
3. Some honey was spilt.

How to use Other?

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