How to use Quotation Marks?

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How to use Quotation Marks? :

The aim of punctuation is to make the meaning of written words as clear and as immediately understandable as possible. Read the following and see whether you can get the sense.

What do you mean I am a detective

The meaning of these words depends on the punctuation.

(A) What! Do you mean I am a detective?
(b) What do you mean? I am a detective.

Compare the following.

(a) He doesn’t walk normally. (= He walks in a strange way.)

(b) He doesn’t walk, normally. (= Usually he doesn’t walk.)

Here is another example. The words in each of the following sentences are the same. But the meaning differs depending on the punctuation.

(a) Gopal said, “Suresh met with an accident.”
(b) “Gopal”, said Suresh, “met with an accident.”

The commonly used punctuation marks are…

1. Full Stop (.)
2. Question Mark (?)
3. Exclamation Mark (!)
4. Comma (,)
5. Colon (:)
6. Semicolon (;)
7. Quotation Marks Or Inverted Commas (‘‘ Or “ ”)
8. Apostrophe (’)

Quotation Marks or Inverted Commas are used

1. To enclose a direct speech

He said, “He will not come to India this year.” They told me, “Our school has been closed this month.”

2. To enclose quotations

As per your father, “America will lead the world not forever.”

3. To enclose a word or phrase being discussed

He did some "experimenting" in his college days.
I had a visit from my "friend" the tax man.

How to use Quotation Marks?

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