How to use the articles?

How to use the articles? :

THE : Singular Countable Nouns

1. The bag
2. The apple
3. The boy
4. The fan
5. The girl

THE : Plural Countable Nouns

1. The bags
2. The apples
3. The boys
4. The fans
5. The girls

THE : Uncountable Nouns

1. The water
2. The information
3. The advice
4. The victory
5. The defeat

A / AN : Singular Countable Nouns

1. A bag
2. An apple
3. A boy
4. A fan
5. A girl

No article / Some : Plural Countable Nouns

1. Some bags
2. Some apples
3. Some boys
4. Some) fans
5. Some girls

No article / Some : Uncountable Nouns

1. Some water
2. Some information
3. Some advice
4. Some victory
5. Some) defeat

Examples : Uncountable Nouns (fly)

1. The fly is an insect.
2. The flies are seen everywhere.
3. I saw a fly in the cup.
4. There are flies everywhere.
5. I can see some flies in the kitchen.
6. The place is full of flies.

Examples : Countable Nouns (egg)

1. I always like an egg for tea.
2. Can you buy some eggs on your way back?
3. I do not like eggs.
4. She wiped the egg from round her mouth.

Examples : Uncountable Nouns (egg)

1. Would you like some roasted egg with your tea?
2. The child had egg all over its face.
3. The egg, in the tray, has become bad.
4. The eggs, in the kitchen, have all been eaten.

Examples : Uncountable Nouns (Information)

1. The information, we got, was not correct.
2. We require some more information please.
3. What is required is information.

Things and people in general

When nouns appear in general statements, they can be used with different articles, depending on, whether they are countable or uncountable.

In general statements, countable nouns can be used in the plural without an article.

1. I like animals.
2. The tiger is a magnificent animal.
3. An elephant can live for a very long time.

In general statements, uncountable nouns are always used without an article.

1. Photography is a popular hobby.
2. He is interested in photography.
3. Water is essential to life.

About things and people in particular

Nouns are more often used with a particular meaning. Particular meanings can be definite or indefinite and they need different articles accordingly.

How to use the articles?

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