How to use Which?

How to use Which? :

Which : (determiner - pronoun) - (used in questions when a choice is to be made) (what particular one or ones) -

(1) Which shall I wear - the brown one or white one?
(Which - subject)

(2) Which of these books is yours?
(Which - subject)

(3) Ask him which he wants?
(Not - Ask him which does he want)
(which - Relative Pronoun)

(4) She comes from either Mumbai or Goa. I can't remember which.
(from which (place) - Which - object of from)

(5) Did you see the letter which came today?
(Which - Relative Pronoun - Relates two sentences)

1. Did you see?
2. Which came today?
Letter - antecedent - which - pronoun.

Which - refers to the letter

(6) Did you see the letter (that) came today.

the letter - antecedent
that - Pronoun - refers to the letter
that - Subject of 'came'
that - joins or relates two sentences
(i) Did you see and
(ii) that came today.

THAT does three functions

(i) Pronoun
(ii) Subject of 'Came' and
(iii) Conjunction - as it relates two sentences

(7) This is the book that I read last Week.
That - Relative pronoun

The man said to his wife that he had been waiting for an hour which was true.

(Which - relative pronoun)
Its Antecedent is 'a clause'.

"that he had been waiting for an hour"
which - subject of "was"
which - pronoun - refers to a clause
which - joins two sentences

The Man said + that he was waiting for an hour + which was true.

(8) The police arrived after which (= and after this) the situation began improving.

The Police arrived – Main Class
after – Preposition
which – Relative Pronoun
the situation began improving - Sub Clause

(9) Geetha went out with Ravi which made her husband angry.
(Which - Relative Pronoun)

(Geetha went out with Ravi) = Which
(Main Clause)
Which - Subject of "made"
Which made her husband angry - Sub-clause

(10) Is this the Kitten which you want to give away.
Which — Relative Pronoun
Kitten – Antecedent
Is this the Kitten? - Main Clause
Which you want to-give away - Sub Clause
Which you want to give away - Adjective Clause

Which - as determiner
Which - is also used as a determiner - with a noun – in relative clauses — This is a formal structure and is used only after prepositions.

The Prime Minister may be late in which case we have to wait for him indefinitely.

His wife lost her temper, at which point, her husband made up his mind to leave the house.

How to use Which?

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