Idiomatic Comparisons

Idiomatic Comparisons :

Some of the idiomatic comparisons are…

1. As black as coal
2. As black as pitch
3. As black as midnight
4. As blind as a bat
5. As bold as a lion
6. As brave as a lion
7. As bright as day
8. As bright as silver
9. As brittle as glass
10. As busy as a bee
11. As cheerful as a lark
12. As clear as crystal
13. As clear as day
14. As clear as noonday
15. As cunning as a fox
16. As dark as midnight
17. As deaf as a post
18. As deep as a well
19. As dry as dust
20. As dumb as a statue
21. As firm as a rock
22. As faithful as a dog
23. As goy as a lark
24. As gentle as a lamb
25. As gentle as a dove
26. As good as gold
27. As greedy as a wolf
28. As green as grass
29. As happy as a king
30. As hard as a stone
31. As hard as a iron
32. As heavy as lead
33. As hot as fire
34. As light as a feather
35. As loud as thunder
36. As merry as a cricket
37. As pale as death
38. As pale as a ghost
39. As proud as a peacock
40. As quick as lightning
41. As quiet as a lamb
42. As red as blood
43. As red as a rose
44. As sharp as a needle
45. As sharp as a razor
46. As silent as the dead
47. As silent as the grave
48. As smooth as velvet
49. As soft as butter
50. As soft as silk
51. As stubborn as a mule
52. As stupid as an ass
53. As sure as death
54. As sure as fate
55. As sweet as honey
56. As swift as lightning
57. As white as snow

Idiomatic Comparisons :

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