Idiomatic Expressions with Prepositions

Idiomatic Expressions with Prepositions :

Few of the Idiomatic Expressions :

1. Agree to a proposal
2. Agree with a person
3. Agree on a price
4. Agree in principle
5. Argue about a matter
6. Argue with a person
7. Argue for or against a proposition
8. Compare to show likenesses
9. Compare with to show differences
10. Compare with to show similarities
11. Correspond to a thing
12. Correspond with a person
13. Differ from an unlike thing
14. Differ with a person
15. Live at an address
16. Live in a house or city
17. Live on a street
18. Live with other people

Sentences with Idiomatic Expressions :

1. I do not like to argue with my friends over such an unimportant matter.

2. There was a loud argument among the members over the fees to be charged for the course.

3. All the features about this mobile correspond to the performance of your requirements.

4. Compared with the performance of the team last year, this year they have fared much better.

5. I think we should buy all these saris because each differs from the other in colour as well as in pattern.

6. I live with my parents at Hazari Bagh in New Delhi.

7. Finally they agreed in principle to the price of the product.

8. If you compare the handwriting in this page and the handwriting in that one, you will find a lot of similarity.

9. My views about this book differ from yours.

10. Earlier, people liked to correspond with each other about letters.

11. You need to comply with the rules.

12. My mother was afflicted by cholera, but is better now.

13. The boss had antipathy towards dogs.

14. Manoj can be depended on for completing the work on time.

15. The young boy craved for the remote control car.

16. At certain times during the year, people abstain from non-vegetarian food.

17. This watchman is averse to any extra work.

18. Chander has aptitude for music.

19. He refrains from going to the party.

20. Living in a hill station is conducive for his health.

Idiomatic Expressions with Prepositions

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