Idioms :

Let us read this poem about parents.

My dad has a green thumb,
He’s always pulling my leg,
Planting roses one day in the garden,
Don’t beat about the bush, he said.

My mother has a heart of gold,
House chores for her are a piece of cake,
Sweeping dust under a carpet one day,
Let’s keep it under wraps she said.

My parents never call it a day,
In matters close to their heart,
Keeping my nose to the grindstone,
Is how they like the day to start?

What do the words in bold have in common?
Yes. They are all idioms. Let us take a closer look at the idioms in the poem.
Why do we call these phrases as idioms?
What are idioms?

On a closer look, you can see that the meanings of these phrases are not to be taken literally. When the poet says ‘My father has a green thumb’, he does not mean it literally. He means that his father has the ability to grow plants very well. When he says that ‘My mother has a heart of gold”, he means that his mother is a very good person. An idiom is a group of two or more words that means something other than the literal meanings of its individual words.

Write down the meanings of all the idioms used in the poem.

Idioms make any piece of writing much more interesting to read. Idioms are formed in various ways. Body parts are used for idioms, for instance, to be head and shoulders above the rest. Animals are used for idioms, for instance, it is raining cats and dogs. Planes are used in idioms, for instance, to clutch at straws and so on.

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