If I were A Millionaire....

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If I were A Millionaire.... :

Every human being has one ambition or the other. A person wants to become an engineer, another wants to become a doctor. Some of them are fond of earning more and more money. This particular ambition has taken the first place in this computer age. Now it has changed to greedy. This greed of man is the main cause of corruption and various scams. The hard work and honest way of living can be found in dictionaries.

The constant struggle for higher position remains sticky to man till the last day of his life. This is the case with even human being right from the man in the street to the top-most personality of India. Whatever it may be the constant struggle in life is very essential for achieving higher position in life.

Ours is the middle-class family. I can never think of earning millions of rupees. But who knows the will of God. I may win a prize in a lottery of one crore. If I get a crore of rupees I will try to spend it in the most appropriate manner as to derive the maximum pleasure out it. It is a stupendous task to eradicate poverty, unemployment, diseases and malnutrition of our country by mere a crore. Our central Government has been spending billions of crones since Independence still the above problem are there as they are. The money goes somewhere.

But I start my service in a humble way. I will adopt a vi age settle there. First, I will construct a school for poor children and a primary health centre. If there is no electricity, I will request the Government to give the power to the village. The water problem is there in every village. Along with the bore wells, I will take the help of the villagers in constructing small dams to store the rain-water. After starting all these various social and educational schemes, I settle there and supervise myself.

There are many people who will jeer and mock at my foolishness of spending millions of rupees in this manner Probably they do not realise that a man gets inner happiness in helping the poor people which is much more than the sensual pleasures that a man get from the money he possesses. To spend money like this, in case I am a crorepathy, will be the height of my hopes and aspirations. I don’t bother about publicity name and fame. My aim is this - service to man is service to God : Work is worship.

If I were A Millionaire....

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