If I were A Principal...

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If I were A Principal... :

Politics has entered almost all the fields of activities of man. There is too much interference of politicians in the field of education, religion and social institutions. They have become the creaters of problems in every institution. It is very difficult to carry on the day to day work in any organisation. In such situations, the heads of Government or private institution are unable to execute their duty smoothly and efficiently.

If I am appointed as the Principal of a college, I will prefer to go far away from the city and choose a remote place which is free from politics. The present principal has to satisfy the following - the Govt, the management, the parents and students, and the staffs. So it is not so easy for the principal to work now a days smoothly.

In spite of it, I will try my level best to serve the students. The teaching profession is both good and noble occupation. A teacher is like sculptor who carves beautiful idols. A Principal is the whole and sole authority in a college. A little slackness on his part not only deteriorates the teaching but also dislocates administration and discipline. One of the causes of students’ indiscipline is the way of teaching. Due to reservation policy and as the last resort, incompetent and disinterested persons have entered the teaching field. Some of teachers and lecturers have no teaching ability. If the teaching is not good and efficient in the class, there will be indiscipline. So I give more importance to teaching. I appoint only efficient, highly qualified person who has teaching ability and talent. That will minimise indiscipline. The next important course of action is to establish a cordial relationship between the Principal and the members of the staff.

They must serve the institution unitedly as the members of the same family. I will insist the staff not to bring matters pertaining to the caste and creed and of course politics. If they don’t leave those things, I will force them to seek some other jobs. Teaching is not good for such people. Instead of moulding noble persons, such people ruin the life of innocent students.

I will treat and serve everyone equally without having any personal interest. I will also give more importance and care regarding cleanliness, laboratory, playground, different functions and toilets of the college. Another great thing is to establish good relations with the members of the management, the staff and the students.

This can be achieved by a patient hearing of views of all. At this juncture, I insist the Government, the management, the staff and students to co-operate and help the principal to render his service smoothly.

If I were A Principal...

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