Illative Conjunctions

Illative Conjunctions :

FOR : (conjunction)

FOR is used after the main statement and the reason is that….


The old lady does not go out in the winter, for she feels the cold a great deal.

Something fell in, for I heard the noise.

The Police must have neglected all precautions, for the Prime Minister was shot dead in her own office.

The Conjunction FOR expresses an inference. So it is called Illative Conjunction.

Lai went out to play, his wife stayed in to work.

A Comma, Semi-Colon or Colon will do the function of any of the co-ordinative conjunctions with the exception OR and NOR.

BECAUSE : (conjunction)

For The Reason That

1. I do it because I like it.
2. She got the job because she was the best candidate.

I do it because I like it.

Main Clause : I do it…
Conjunction : because…
Adverb Clause of Reason : I like it….

That is "I like it" depends on the main clause "I do it".

The conjunction "because" introduces the clause "I like it" to the main clause "I do it".

So also, in the next sentence "she was the best candidate" is introduced by the conjunction 'because' to the main clause "She got the Job".

Illative Conjunctions

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