Imperatives into Indirect Speech

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Imperatives into Indirect Speech :

In indirect imperatives, a verb such as ask, tell, order, command, request is followed by a personal object and the TO-INFINITIVE. The following is the pattern.
Subject + reporting verb + personal object + (not +) to-infinitive
Direct Speech : “Sit down,” she said.
Indirect Speech : She asked me to sit down.

Direct Speech : “Take the tablets before meals,” said the doctor.
Indirect Speech : The doctor told me to take the tablets before meals.

Direct Speech : “Open the gate,” he said to the servant.
Indirect Speech : He ordered the servant to open the gate.

Direct Speech : “Please help me with my homework,” she said to her brother.
Indirect Speech : She requested her brother to help her with her homework.

Direct Speech : “Read this book”, said the teacher.
Indirect Speech : The teacher advised me to read that book.

Direct Speech : “Don’t go there”, she said.
Indirect Speech : She asked me not to go there.

Direct Speech : “Don’t shoot!” said the officer.
Indirect Speech : The officer commanded the soldier not to shoot.

Direct Speech : “Please don’t make so much noise,” I said to the boys.
Indirect Speech : I asked the boys not to make so much noise.


The word PLEASE in direct speech is left out in indirect speech.
Don’t + base form becomes not + to-infinitive.

Imperatives into Indirect Speech

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