Importance of Games and Sports

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Importance of Games and Sports :

The Greeks believed in having healthy and beautiful bodies and for this purpose organised games and races. These games used to take place from time to time on a big scale at Olympia in Greece. Education doesn’t mean learning only three R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic). Every nation needs strong and sturdy, hale and healthy people. When the mind and body are sound, then all-around development will take place.

A sound mind in a sound body should be the motto. The importance of games can be seen in the following statement - The battle of Waterloo was won on the play fields of Eton.

The meaning of this statement is this – Lord Willington studied in the school at Eton and he played cricket on the play ground of his school. He grew up to be a strong and healthy man and he served in the British Army. He won the great battle against Napoleon.

So the department of education has included sports and games as teaching subjects. There will be separate periods and the Physical Education Teacher should be there in every school. The school which has both the classrooms and play-ground is considered to be good school. The play-ground is a must for every school.

Apart from drills, march-past and other exercises, students can play any game like volleyball, basketball and football. The sports teacher not only provides the sports materials but also trains them. There are two types of games indoor and out door games. Students should take practice both in the indoor and out-door games which will boost their overall personality.

Importance of Games and Sports

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