Importance of Travelling

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Importance of Travelling :

Food, shelter and clothing are the three requisites of man, so also travelling. Travelling is a must for human beings. A man without travelling is like a frog in the well. A frog in the well thinks that his dwelling place (well) is a heaven by itself. It is quite ignorant about the world. Man should not come to that level of a Kupa Manduka. He becomes a narrow minded person. His knowledge is limited and life will be mechanical.

Travelling is not a new thing. Its history is as old as the universe. Though the means of transport were different, people used to go from one place to another even from one country to another. Our history is full of stories of foreign pilgrims. They came to our country in search of knowledge. Travelling was dangerous and difficult in those days. Still people used to go to holy places thousands of miles on foot. North Indians used to go to Rameswaram and other holy places while South Indians used to go to Kashi, Brundavan Badrinath and Kedaranath etc.

Wonderful changes have taken place in this field Modem means of transport are there like Railway, Bus, Cars, Ships and Aeroplane. The entire universe has become so small in the sense that we can have breakfast in one country, lunch in another and supper and sleep in still another country.

Travelling plays an important role in the field of education. Mere books and teaching cannot help man to gain more practical knowledge. Education does not mean a bookish knowledge. It is narrow. It has not got the wider sense. Man must understand the different ways in which our society and the world work. It includes the field of industry, commerce, agriculture and thousands of other skills. The right type of education is possible only when we have contact with larger sections of humanity.

The descriptions of Belur temple, the KRS, The Taj and other places written by great writers may be good and enjoyable. But when we see those places by our own eyes, the joy we get is quite different. Travelling is very essential for the development of intellectual, moral and even commercial aspect of our life. Students must and should cultivate the habit of travelling to know for themselves the different ways of living of people in other states, their food and clothing habits, their language, culture, customs and rituals. It is really a fascinating experience when we see the colourful of hilly tribes in the Himalayas. The value of travelling is incalculable. Travelling is not only the source of knowledge but also enjoyment. Cultural exchange will take place that leads to everlasting friendship and co-operation among different countries.

Importance of Travelling

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