Indefinite Articles

Indefinite Articles :

A and AN are indefinite articles.

1. I saw a boy in the school.

Note that nouns can also be used with a particular meaning without being definite.

One particular boy is referred to. But we do not know exactly which boy. Hence a boy…

Singular countable nouns with an indefinite meaning are used with the indefinite articles a / an.

1. I like to have a cup of coffee.
2. She is a doctor.

When their meaning is indefinite, plural countable nouns and uncountable nouns are used with some or any or sometimes with no article.

1. I owe you some money.
2. I want some money. Have you got any money on you now?
3. We need some biscuits.
4. Would you like some buttermilk?
5. Would you like coffee, tea or juice?

Nouns describing people or things which are considered to be the only ones of their kind are used with THE.

1. The Ganges is a long river.
2. The moon looks beautiful.

Some nouns are used with different articles when they have different meanings.

1. The Chinese are hard-working people.
2. He speaks Chinese.

Nouns in some common expressions such as, "play the violin", "Get me the piano" etc., are used with THE.

1. Some nouns are never used with THE.
2. Honesty is the best policy.
3. Waters run deep here.

In some common expressions with prepositions such as - on foot, to home, to school, by air, by plane, at noon, at night, etc. No article is used with the noun.

Indefinite Articles

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