Independence Day of India

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Independence Day of India :

Independence Day, The Republic Day and Mahatma Gandhiji’s Birth Day are the three important National Festivals of India. They are August 15, January 26, and October 2 respectively.

August 15th - 1947 is very auspicious day for us. Since that day India has been celebrating and will continue to celebrate Independence Day every year. This reminds us of the attainment of freedom from foreign rule. On this day Britain left India after handing over the reins of the Government to the National Government of free India. This day marks the triumph of those Indian nationalists and patriots who struggled hard and even sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the mother land. For example great national leaders namely Bala GangadharTilak, Gopala Krishna Gokale, Lala Laj Pat Rai, Gandhi, Chandrashekar Azad, Bhagath Singh and thousands of others sacrificed their lives. So it is the day of remembering those great souls and follow their foot steps.

India attained her independence not so easily, because Britishers didn’t want to leave this wonderful country. They had been enjoying their stay in India and the country used to supply raw-materials to the industries of Britain. India served them as a big market for their finished goods.

The freedom struggle was a long and hard thing. Gandhi jiled this struggle with his weapons namely non-violence and truth. These two weapons were nothing against the mighty Britishers with guns and ammunitions. But Gandhiji’s principles, simple life, strong determination courage and other noble qualities played a greater role in this struggle. India’s non-cooperation and non-violent struggle was the first rare example in the World History. In French, Russian revolutions, there was bitter struggle and blood-shed.

Independence Day celebration in Delhi is of great importance to the country as a whole. On this day the Prime Minister hoists the National Flag and addresses the nation on the rampant of Delhi Red Fort. The three Defence Forces viz Army, Navy and Air Force Parade are the feast to the eyes and also there will be display of tableau of different states depicting their customs, arts and crafts and industries.

School and colleges, the Government offices and private and public firms celebrate this day. In the night illuminations are also there. On the whole, it is a day of great enthusiasm on among the students and the people. In some schools and colleges there will be distribution of sweets. In the evening there will be cultural activities and film shows.

Now our country has been facing many worst possible problems like border conflict, water-sharing dispute, communal clashes and terrorism. Hundreds of political parties have grown up like mushrooms. The main purpose of these parties is not the country’s progress but their and their relatives, flatterers. These so called elected rulers fight in the state assemblies and in Parliament like the slum-dwellers. The youths of this country have this greatest responsibility to wipe out this shameful behaviour and attitude of the present political leaders. They have take pledge to safe-guard the security and stability of the nation. They should think about the prosperity of the country rather than personal progress.

In the real sense of this day is for us to pay homage to the patriots who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for the freedom of the country.

Independence Day of India

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Independence Day of India
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