Indirect Questions

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Indirect Questions :

1. She asks where the library is.

2. I don’t know when my father will be back.

3. Tell me where you have been.

4. He asked me how my brother was.

5. Do you know what he is?

6. I don’t remember what he has said.

7. I didn’t remember what he had said.

8. I wonder why he hasn’t come.

9. Ask them why they are late.

10. I asked them why they were late.

11. He asks whether your father is in.

12. Let me know whether you are leaving today.

13. He asked whether I could hear a noise.

14. Can you inform me whether the train has left?

15. I don't know whether he is back yet.

16. He asked whether the plane had come.

In indirect questions the (auxiliary) verb is placed after the subject.

Compare, for example….

What are you reading? (Direct question)

Tell me what you are reading. (Indirect question)

In questions that can be answered by YES or NO, WHETHER or IF is introduced. In WH-questions, no such conjunction is used.

Indirect Questions

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