Indirect Speech to Direct Speech

Indirect Speech to Direct Speech :

Convert the following sentences from Indirect to Direct.

1. He made them understand that he would soon return.
2. He told them that he had been robbed of the book which he had bought.
3. He said that he was very sorry for the trouble he had caused.
4. They all told him that he deserved to be pardoned.
5. They affirmed that he was the best worker they had seen.
6. He admitted that he had not worked so hard as Ram had done.
7. He heard them say that he did not deserve the prize.
8. He promised them that he would do it as soon as he could.
9. They said that he deserved their thanks for all he had done.
10. All who heard this said that he was speaking the truth.
11. He said that he had been three years in jail, although he was innocent.
12. They told him they would never believe what he said.
13. He replied that he would prove what he had said to be true.
14. My brother told me that he had been reading all day.
15. He told the servant that he was responsible for the thefts for he had failed to do his duty.

Indirect Speech to Direct Speech :

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