Infinitive without TO

Infinitive without TO :

The word TO is frequently used with the infinitive….but is not an essential part or sign of it.

Thus, after certain verbs (bid, let, make, need, dare, see, hear) we use the Infinitive without TO.

Bid : to say or wish - - (a greeting or good bye to someone)
Present tense - bid (verb)
Past tense - bade
Past participle - bidden
Present participle – bidding

1. She bade him enter.
2. Bid him go there.

let : (present tense) : to allow (to do or happen)
Present tense - let (verb)
Past tense - let
Past participle - let
Present participle – let

1. She lets her children play in the street.
2. He's letting his beard grow.
3. Let us not quarrel about it.
4. The baby can't even walk, let alone run.
5. Hold it tight and don't let it go.
6. Let us dance.
7. Let us not waste time on this.
8. Let me do it.
9. Let him sit there.
10. I let her talk continuously.
11. I didn't let him know what I was doing.

Make : (verb) – to help

1. I made her cry.
2. I can't make the T.V. work.
3. Make her sweep the floor.
4. I made him run.

need : (verb) - to have a need for - want for some useful purpose

1. Need we go so soon?
2. She need not study.
3. Need he study? (correct)
4. Does he need to study? (correct)
5. He need not study (correct)
6. He does not need to study (correct)
7. How need to study (correct)
8. He need to study (correct)
9. I need not have put on my rain coat (but I did).
10. I didn’t need to put on my rain coat (so I didn't or But I did.)

Very important note

In questions, the following structures are correct.

1. Need she go?
2. Does she need to go?

In negative statements, the following structures are correct.

1. He needn't walk.
2. He doesn't need to walk.

In statements, need is followed by TO VERB.

1. She needs to marry.

Compare :

1. You need not try to explain.
2. You don't need to try.
3. Do we need to stay this evening?
4. Need we stay this evening?
5. He needs to get a new car.

Infinitive without TO

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