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A Phrase is a combination of group of related words which contribute to the overall structure of the sentence and the meaning of the sentence.

They visited the temple in the Big City – Tirupati.

The group of words in bold is called a phrase. The group of words has no separate meaning whereas that group of words adds value to the overall sentence and gives meaning to the sentence. This is the nature of a phrase and the limitation of a phrase. Since, a phrase plays a various functions in a sentence; there are nine types of phrases widely used in our sentences. The noun in this type of phrase is called the object of the preposition.

Infinite Phrases = Infinitives

An infinitive phrase has an infinitive (to + simple form of verb) and modifiers or other words related to the infinitive. This phrase is also called Infinitives which can also function as nouns, adjectives or adverbs in a sentence. The word TO is the basic word of infinitive. At the same time, this type of phrase can act either as subjects or direct objects or predicate nominatives. This phrase acts as both the subject and the object of the verb at the same time.

1. I like to travel in the mountains.

2. He loves to eats mangoes.

3. To kill an animal is a crime in this country.

4. He likes to walks in the rain.

5. They want to sing in a movie.

6. You are not an important person to know.

7. To sing, the birds get drenched in rain-water.

8. My sister wants to take dance-lessons.

9. I took my brother to the theater.

10. She likes to read Birbal Stories.

11. To earn money is an ambition of everyone.

12. He shouted at us to inform us about accident.

13. He prepared a plan to buy a car.

14. To hurt other by our words is to hurt ourselves.

15. To study medicinal degree is to work hard.

16. He enjoys to ride a bicycle.

17. He cracked few jokes to entertain the audience.

18. Our Government has prepared a plan to help the poor.

Infinitive Phrases and Prepositional Phrases

The word TO is both an infinitive and a preposition.

He likes to walk in the rain.

TO WALK IN THE RAIN is an infinitive phrase as well as a prepositional phrase. So, this type of phrases can be treated as prepositional phrases.


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  4. Adjective Phrases
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  7. Infinitive Phrases
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