Influence :

Influence : (verb & noun)

Influence over :

Influence on :

Influence upon :

Influence with :

Meanings :

To have the power to have an effect on someone or something without the use of direct force or command

Influence for :

Influence on :

1. a person or thing that has this power

Example Sentences :

1. Mahathma Gandhi wielded wonderful influence over his followers.

2. His wife has had a civilizing influence on him.

3. The MLA promised to use his influence with the chairman to get me a job.

4. I do not have any influence upon this matter.

5. Foreign domination had a malign influence on local politics.

6. You could not influence on him to make a decision in favour of you.

7. I was driving under the influence of alcohol.

8. The cinema stars' influence on people's lives has not been proved.

9. The member has hardly any influence with the Prime Minister.

10. I have come under the influence of a strange religious dogma.


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