Inseparable Phrasal Verbs

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Inseparable Phrasal Verbs :

TYPE – 3 : Inseparable Phrasal Verb

These phrasal verbs take an object. The object goes after the preposition. The verb cannot be separated from the preposition.


We are looking forward to his arrival.
I won’t put up with his rudeness any longer.

It is sometimes difficult to find out whether a particle is an adverb or a preposition. Here is some guidance.

These common particles are only prepositions.

1. after
2. at
3. for
4. from
5. into
6. to
7. with
8. without

These common particles are only adverbs.

1. away
2. back
3. forward
4. out

Most other particles may function either as prepositions or as adverbs. They include the following.

1. about
2. across
3. along
4. around
5. by
6. down
7. in
8. off
9. on
10. over
11. round
12. through
13. under
14. up

TYPE – 4 : Separable Phrasal Verb

We can insert other words into the middle of a separable phrasal verb.

Consider the following.

For example : the phrasal verb take back.

He needs to take back the shirt he lent you.
Where’s that shirt he lent you? He needs to take it back.

Both the sentences above are correct ones.

Inseparable Phrasal Verbs

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