Interchange of The Degrees of Comparison

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Interchange of The Degrees of Comparison :

By the transformation of sentences, we mean the changing of the form of sentences without changing their meaning. You have already learnt one way of doing this : the interchange of active and passive voice. This chapter deals with some other ways of transforming sentences.

Study the following examples :

Comparative : Ahmed is taller than Anand.
Positive : Anand is not so tall as Ahmed.

Comparative : You can walk more quickly than Peter.
Positive : Peter can’t walk so quickly as you.

Positive : Sita is as beautiful as Lakshmi.
Comparative : Lakshmi is not more beautiful than Sita.

Superlative : Mahesh is the cleverest boy in the class.
Positive : No other boy in the class is so clever as Mahesh.
Comparative : Mahesh is cleverer than any other boy in the class.

Superlative : Chennai is one of the biggest cities in India.
Comparative : Chennai is bigger than most other cities in India.
Positive : Very few cities in India are as big as Chennai.

Interchange of The Degrees of Comparison

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