Interjection :

Interjection is a phrase, word or set of sounds used as a sudden remark, usually expressing a strong feeling such as shock, disapproval or pleasure.

Exclamation :

1. Good Heavens !
2. Ouch !

Interjection means an act of throwing between. It is a word or sound which expresses strong emotion or passion when suddenly uttered.

1. Hello! What are you doing?
2. Alas! gone, everything gone.
3. My wife is dead.
4. Hurrah! one lakh prize.
5. Ah! have they come.
6. Oh! I have such a nice flat.
7. Hush! Be silent.

Such words as Hello! Alas! Hurrah! and Ah! are called interjections. These words are used to express some sudden feeling or emotion. It may be noticed these words are not grammatically related to the other words in a sentence.

Interjection expresses….

1. Joy
2. Grief
3. Surprise
4. Shock
5. Approval
6. Appreciation
7. Condemnation

Note :

1. Well done!
2. Come on!
3. Good gracious!
4. Oh God!
5. Ah me!

The above all are also interjections.


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