Interrogative Adverbs 

Interrogative Adverbs :

Adverbs which are used for asking questions are called interrogative adverbs. There are several different kinds of interrogative adverbs.

Interrogative Adverbs of Time : when, how long, how early, how soon

For example :

1. When will you finish this job?
2. How long will you stay here?
3. How early can you reach home?
4. How soon can you begin work?

Interrogative Adverbs of Place : where

For example :

1. Where do you live?
2. Where has she come from?
3. Where can I find him?

Interrogative Adverbs of Number : how many, how often, how much

For example :

1. How many students are there in the class?
2. How often does the committee meet?

Interrogative Adverbs of Manner : how

For example :

1. How are you doing?
2. How was the experience?
3. How did you do it?

Interrogative Adverbs of Degree = Interrogative Adverbs of Quantity : how much, how far, how high

For example :

1. How much did you pay?
2. How far can you go?
3. How much more do you want?

Interrogative Adverbs of Reason : why

For example :

1. Why are you crying?
2. Why did you quit?
3. Why do you hate her?

Sentences with appropriate interrogative adverbs :

1. When do you usually go to the park?
2. How did you arrive at this answer?
3. Why is this place so crowded?
4. How far is the zoo from here?
5. Where can I meet you?
6. Why did you manage this?
7. When does your semester start?
8. What was the experience?
9. Why do you want to go there?
10. How do you operate this computer?

Sentences with appropriate adverbs :

1. Miss Rama sings sweetly.
2. The umbrella was kept there.
3. Uncle Pathak often goes to the market.
4. Ojas ran quickly to kick the ball.
5. When are we going out?
6. Tapas went to the circus yesterday.
7. Mrs Chatterjee rang the bell twice.
8. Kiran will buy some bananas tomorrow.
9. Rekha rarely makes mistakes.
10. The child slept soundly.

Interrogative Adverbs

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