Interrogative Sentences into Indirect Speech

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Interrogative Sentences into Indirect Speech :

Indirect questions do not have the same word order as direct questions often have. In indirect questions the verb comes after the subject as in statements.

In WH-questions (question which begin with a question word like what, who, when and where), the question word serves as a link between the reporting verb and the reported question. Don’t use any conjunction like THAT.

In YES-NO questions (questions which do not begin with a question word), the conjunction IF or WHETHER is placed before the indirect question.

Verbs like ask, inquire, wonder are used to report questions.

Direct Speech : He said, “What are you doing?”
Indirect Speech : He asked what I was doing.

Direct Speech : “Where do you live?” he said.
Indirect Speech : He asked where I lived.

Direct Speech : “When did she visit you?” said Mohan.
Indirect Speech : Mohan wanted to know when she had visited me.

Direct Speech : “Who has done it?” they asked.
Indirect Speech : They asked who had done it.

Direct Speech : “Is your father in?” he said.
Indirect Speech : He enquired if my father was in.

Direct Speech : She said, “Do you want me to help you?”
Indirect Speech : She asked if I wanted her to help me.

Direct Speech : “Has your brother gone to Delhi?” he said.
Indirect Speech : He wanted to know whether my brother had gone to Delhi.

Direct Speech : Shankar said. “Can you swim, Kishore?”
Indirect Speech : Shankar asked Kishore whether he could swim.

Interrogative Sentences into Indirect Speech

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