Interrogative Sentences into Indirect Speech

Interrogative Sentences into Indirect Speech :

When the Reported Speech is an Interrogative sentence, the Reporting Verb - SAY or TELL is changed into ASK or INQUIRE.

He said to me, "What is the shortest way back?"
He inquired of me what the shortest way back was.

He said to me, "Where are you going?"
He asked me where I was going.

He said to him, "Why do you stop here?"
He asked him why he stopped there.

He said to us, "Are you going away today?"
He inquired of us whether we were going away that day.

He said to me, "Why did you strike me?"
He inquired of me why I had struck him.

The Interrogative form is changed into the Assertive form. The Conjunction THAT is not used. If the question is not introduced by an Interrogative Pronoun or Adverb, as WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY and HOW, then the Reporting Verb is followed by IF or WHETHER.

IF is the more usual when the implied answer is an affirmative one or when an affirmative one is hoped for.

Example : He asked me if he could borrow my dictionary."

WHETHER is used when the speaker is prepared for either an affirmative or a negative answer.

Example : Go and find out whether he has arrived yet.

Direct Speech : Do you suppose you are wiser than your own father?” jeered his angry mother.

Indirect Speech : His angry mother jeered and asked whether he supposed that he was wiser than his own father.

Direct Speech : The king said to his ministers, "What will you do if you are suddenly attacked by a stronger enemy?"

Indirect Speech : The king asked his ministers what they would do if they were suddenly attacked by a stronger enemy.

Change the following from Direct to Indirect.

1. "What are you doing here?" she asked me.

2. He said to me. "Why did you write me such an insulting letter?"

3. He said to us, "Are you coming to the meeting today?"

4. He said to us, "Why do you listen to such nonsense?"

5. He said to him, "When will you pay me that money?"

6. "Have you anything to say on behalf of the accused?" said the judge to the lawyer.

7. Aladdin said to the magician, "What have I done to deserve such treatment?"

8. She said to her husband, "What is it that makes you so sad and gloomy?"

9. "Who are you, sir, and why have you come here?" they said to the stranger.

10. "Why did you not tell the truth?" the angry teacher asked the boy. "Are you not ashamed of yourself?"

Change the following from Indirect to Direct.

1. I asked John if he would lend me his book.

2. She asked us if we had anything to say.

3. The policeman asked the stranger where he lived.

4. He asked them whether they would listen to such a rogue.

5. The king asked the saint whom he considered to be the happiest man on earth.

6. The magistrate asked the thief why he had broken into the house of the rich merchant.

7. The policeman inquired of the man where he was going.

8. The fakir asked the king why he was so proud of his wealth when he knew that he would be able to take nothing with him when he died.

Interrogative Sentences into Indirect Speech :

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Interrogative Sentences into Indirect Speech
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