Intransitive Verbs 

Intransitive Verbs :

In certain sentences, the action begins and ends with the subject. There is no object. A verb with no object is an intransitive verb.

For example :

1. Sheila sings well.
2. The baby slept.

The verb shows an action without an object or expresses a state of being. Only the performer of the action (the subject) and the action (the verb) are mentioned.

1. Harshita narrated many stories.
2. The players ran fast.
3. Pritam gave me a watch.
4. We should live happily.
5. The chairman read a long circular.
6. Rabindranath Tagore wrote our national anthem.
7. It appears to be cloudy today.
8. I am tired.
9. The dog ran away with the bone.
10. The ballerinas danced wonderfully.

Neha completed her household chores. Then she opened her suitcase. She had some money safely in her purse. Neha’s dog was hungry, so she gave the dog some food. She closed the door and called for a cab. The cab driver put her suitcase in the boot. She forgot to bring her umbrella along with her, so she told the driver to go near the gate.

Mrs. Ceril is an old lady who lives in a large cottage near the countryside. Every morning, she gets up early and drinks a hot cup of tea for herself. She then sits on her armchair kept in the garden.

Mrs. Ceril is fond of the birds and even feeds them at times. The birds chirp merrily when she is around. Her dog, Coco plays in the garden. Sometimes, he disturbs the hens near the shed. Mrs Ceril leads a happy life. She enjoys everything that she surrounds herself with.

Intransitive Verbs

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