Intransitive Verbs

Intransitive Verbs :

Come : (Intransitive verb) - to move or travel
Come here and look at this.
Computer Technology has come a long way since the 1970's.

Go : (Intransitive verb) - to move or travel
When does the train go?
It can go by post.
My voice has gone because of cold.

Fall : (Intransitive verb) - to move to a lower position or level
The ripe fruit fell from the tree.
He was tempted, but did not fall.

Die : (Intransitive verb) - to stop living - become dead
His secret died with him.
My love for you will never die.

Sleep : (Intransitive verb) - to rest in sleep
I usually sleep late on Sundays.
I didn't sleep very well last night.

Lie : (Intransitive verb) - to be or remain in a flat position on a surface - (lie - lay - lain)
They just lie on the beach all day.
The village lay in ruins after the war.

Note : The verbs (come, go, fall, die, sleep, lie) denote actions which cannot be done to anything. So, these verbs can be used only intransitively.

The woman killed herself.
In the sentence WOMAN is the subject.
HERSELF is the object and also a reflexive pronoun. As the object refers to the subject, the verb is said to be used reflexively.

In the following examples, the reflexive pronoun, understood is put in brackets.

1. The bomb burst. (itself).
2. The men and women made (themselves) merry.
3. Please, keep (yourselves) quiet.
4. She turned (herself) to the door.
5. The Indians feed (themselves) chiefly on wheat.
6. These verbs are only intransitive.

(i) The woman interested herself in the child's welfare.
The minister's talk didn't interest me.

(ii) I always enjoy myself working.
I enjoy very good health.

(iii) Acquit yourself honourably.
The judge acquitted the man.

(iv) Conduct yourself in a fitting manner.
The president conducted the meeting in an orderly manner.

(v) Work yourself to be a great man.
He worked.
How do you work the gears on this bike?

(vi) He worked out the mathematical problems in front of the students.
He worked for five hours a day.

(vii) They turned the scooter from the market road to the Shop-road.
He turned left.

Note : In the above sentences, the verbs are used reflexively and also as ordinary transitive verbs.

Intransitive Verbs

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