Intransitive Verbs used in
Causative Sense

Intransitive Verbs used in Causative Sense :

Causative : (adjective) acting as a cause, producing an effect - a verb form showing that the subject of the verb is the cause of an action or state

When an intransitive verb is used in a causative sense, it becomes transitive.

I walk to work every day. (Intransitive)
He is walking the dog. (Transitive)

He walked along the edge of the cliff. (Intransitive)
I shall walk you home. (Transitive)

The little boy ran off to get his brother. (Intransitive)
Sam ran a fine race but only finished second. (Transitive)

The insect ran up my leg. (Intransitive Verbs)
We won't run this horse in any more races this season. (Transitive)

A bee flew in through the open window. (Intransitive Verbs)
He's flying his car to London. (Transitive)
The warship was flying the national flag. (Transitive)

Her hair falls over her shoulders. (Intransitive Verbs)
He felled his opponent in the first round. (Transitive)

Many trees fall in the cyclone. (Intransitive Verbs)
Workers fell trees. (Transitive)

The final decision lies with the minister. (Intransitive Verbs)
She laid the table. (Transitive)

Lie still. (Intransitive Verbs)
Remain in a flat position on a surface. (Intransitive Verbs)
Lay the books there. (Transitive)

The road rises steeply from the village. (Intransitive Verbs)
Raise your arms. (Transitive)
The king raised an army. (Transitive)

You sit there. Sit down please. (Intransitive Verbs)
Set the lamp in its position. (Transitive)

The verbs in the sentences above are distinguished as Transitive or Intransitive by their spelling.

The Transitive is Causative form of the corresponding intransitive verb.

No one laughs at my jokes.
laugh : Intransitive verb

Do not laugh.
laughs at : Transitive verb

Note : Adding a preposition, makes the change.

1. I always run to catch the bus.
2. Let us run through the first scene again.
3. They ran up the national flag on the Republic day.
4. Please look into the file with care.
5. The minister talked about the matter yesterday.
6. The Commissioner asked for the file.

Note : In the sentences above, the intransitive verbs become transitive by having preposition added to them.

Study the following.

Stop here or gently pass. (Intransitive Verbs)
Stop her now from going. (Transitive verbs)

Don't break the glass. (Transitive verb)
These glasses are cheap.
They break often. (Intransitive)

The office opens at 10 a.m. (Intransitive)
Please, open the door. (Transitive)

Intransitive Verbs used in Causative Sense

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