Irregular Verbs in Sentences

Irregular Verbs in Sentences :

These are verbs you simply must learn to speak and write English correctly.

  1. He swims every morning.
    He is swimming right now.
    Last week he swam 10 miles.
    He has swum over 200 miles this year.

  2. Babies fall often.
    That one is falling and standing up again and again.
    We all fell once.
    I have fallen while on skis and ice skates several times.

  3. Is it time to eat?
    Who is eating with us?
    They already ate.
    Most students have eaten before they come to visit.

  4. Do you drink milk?
    The children are drinking their milk now.
    I already drank a glass.
    Look, it’s all been drunk.

  5. Can you do my hair?
    I am doing your sister’s first.
    But you did her hair firs, yesterday.
    Be patient. Your hair will get done before you have to leave.

  6. May I go?
    All my friends are going?
    Billy went when he was my age.
    I have never gone before.

  7. I always hide my money.
    Where are you hiding it?
    I already hid it.
    Now I can t remember where it is hidden.

  8. What did she say?
    Can you hear what she is saying?
    She said that she was coming tomorrow.
    She has said that often, but she has never come.

  9. You spend lots of money.
    I am spending only what I earn.
    I spent half of my salary this morning.
    Are your earnings all spent?

  10. Do you bum wood for heat?
    Yes. We are burning oak logs.
    We burned / burnt a cord of wood last winter.
    Has all your wood been burned / burnt this year?

  11. Who can bring the snacks?
    I am bringing the fruit.
    Mary brought some vegetables.
    Has it all been brought to the school?

  12. I forbid you to go.
    I am also forbidding your sister to go.
    My father forbade / forbad me.
    Why is it forbidden / forbid.

  13. Lie down for a while.
    I am lying down.
    I lay down over an hour ago.
    I have lain here for some time. But it has not helped.

  14. Lay the baby in the crib.
    Mother is already laying her there.
    She laid her down this morning too.
    She will have laid her to sleep before too long.

  15. Who keeps the score?
    I am keeping it today.
    The other team kept it last game.
    The time has always been kept by a member of one of the teams.

  16. Who hits our Internet site?
    People have been hitting it for weeks.
    The search engines finally hit it last month.
    It was hit over ten thousand times last week.

Irregular Verbs in Sentences

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