Irregular Verbs You Need to Know

Irregular Verbs You Need to Know :

These are verbs you simply must learn to speak and write English correctly.

  1. I begin each day with song.
    I am beginning today with a love song.
    Yesterday I began with a pop song.
    I have begun each day this month with a new song.

  2. I fly to Boston on Fridays.
    Today I am flying in the evening.
    Last week I flew in the morning.
    I have flown there for over a year.

  3. He makes great cookies.
    He is making some today.
    His mother made some for us.
    He has made cookies each day this week.

  4. She knows more than I know.
    She knows all the verbs in this book.
    She knew them last week.
    She has known most of them since her course.

  5. My wife runs every day.
    She is running right now.
    She ran in the marathon last year.
    She has run since she was a little girl.

  6. They stand in the rear of the choir.
    They are standing there right now.
    The men stood in front only once.
    They have stood in the rear ever since I can remember.

  7. We all take showers before we swim.
    Who is taking his shower now?
    John already took his.
    We have all taken our showers today.

  8. She grows tomatoes.
    This year she is growing carrots.
    The tomatoes grew well last year.
    Tomatoes have been grown here for years.

  9. I always buy my groceries at the market.
    I am buying some fresh cabbage this morning.
    I bought lettuce last week.
    I have bought vegetables here for a long time.

  10. Who can break an egg?
    I am always breaking something.
    Last week I broke a light bulb.
    At least you can eat an egg that has been broken.

  11. Can you spin the wheel?
    The wheel is already spinning.
    Who spun it last time?
    It has been spun already a dozen times.

  12. I will pay the bill.
    Dad is already paying it.
    You paid last time.
    The important thing is that the bill has been paid.

  13. He sleeps soundly at night.
    He is still sleeping.
    He slept eight hours yesterday.
    He has slept well in our new bed.

  14. Can you drive?
    Mom is driving the children to school.
    I drove last week.
    Must you be driven to work?

  15. Can he come?
    He is coming.
    He came last time.
    He has come every week.

  16. I meet all our guests.
    I am meeting a new group this evening.
    I met a new guest just last night.
    I have met over one hundred just this month.

Irregular Verbs You Need to Know

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