Is Science A Blessing or A Curse?

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Is Science A Blessing or A Curse? :

The life of a modern man and his ancestors is quite contradictory. We can see a lot of changes. The life our ancestors was very hard and there was no security of life because they lived in forests surrounded by wild animals. They were always in great fear.

Very slowly they began to cultivate lands and lived near the rivers. Gradually the changes had taken place. The cultivation of land, living in a particular place is the symptom of civilization. With the industrial revolution in the 15th century, there dawned the scientific era in the world. A number of inventions and discoveries took place. Big industries, like iron and steel, cotton textile were started. These industrial units installed big machines. So the production of finished goods increased. The quality was good and rate was also cheap when compared to hand-made products. So the people began to buy machinne-made goods which were cheaper. The advent of these modem factories was a death blow to the cottage industries. No doubt science helped man by giving modern factories and machines: but it destroyed cottage industries. Trade and commerce were developed on the other hand there arose a conflict between the labour and the employer. There were frequent unrest and strikes, demanding higher wages, bonus and other benefits. There was large unemployment due to the closers of cottage industries, these artisans left the rural areas and went to the cities. The condition of workers in mills and coal pits was pliable beyond description. Even delicate and tender women and innocent children did not escape the devilish exploitation. These big factories and mills have become the main source of water and air pollution.

The rapid and speedy development of industries required a lot of raw-materials. So the big powers began to rule other countries for the sake of raw-materials. They even waged war against the nation which protested. Even now it is going on. Quite a number scientific things like rackets, missiles and aeroplanes are being used for war purposes. Atom and Hydrogen bombs are there to destroy the whole mankind.

No doubt science has given us much of potency to battle hard with the elements of nature and diseases. It has helped us to have a control over wind and weather. We can fathom the depth of unchartered oceans and climb over lofty mountains. Science has helped man in thousands of ways. Surely it is a blessing. But there is the other side of the coin. The things which are beneficial to mankind begin to destroy mankind. This pathetic condition is not due to scientific things.

The scientists invented these things not with the intention of wiping out the mankind. It is mainly due to the selfish politicians. They make use of weapons like atom and hydrogen bombs for destruction and they want to establish their superiority over weak nations. So it is not a correct and proper way to blame science.

Is Science A Blessing or A Curse?

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