Is Television A Boon or A Bane?

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Is Television A Boon or A Bane? :

All of us are aware of the resounding communication boom which has rocked the world in recent years. One of the revolutionary forms of communication well established today is television. It is a unique invention since it displays speaking pictures. But is television really a boon?

Television is a form of mass propaganda. It is useful for spreading information over a vast area. It is also a source of continuous entertainment for people. People get exposed to a variety of cultures other than their own. Sports, science and other educational shows are also featured on television. Thanks to television, news of world events reaches all corners of the globe quickly and all humanity can develop a sense of kinship.

However, recent studies have shown that television is bad to the eyes, on account of a great deal of radiation produced by the television screen. It influences the viewers to think along certain lines and stifles the habit of independent judgement. Some television shows are uninteresting and monotonous, while films with drunken scenes cause addiction to bad habits like drinking and smoking so that victims have even to be sent to rehabilitation centres. Lengthy serials called soap operas lead to people becoming couch potatoes who do not do any physical exercise. They get addicted to mindless viewing of these serials. Immoral and dreadful television shows lead to children thinking vulgar thoughts and having nightmares. Many television advertisements misinform people and cause them unnecessary expenditure.

In short, television can be a boon or a curse. It must be used with caution and not be allowed to dominate people’s minds. Students studying for examinations must weigh their priorities and give maximum time to their studies and watch only selected television programmes and these too, to a limited extent.

Is Television A Boon or A Bane?

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