Italian Singulars and Plurals

Italian Singulars and Plurals :

The following nouns, that are names of instruments, having two parts, are used only in plural.

1. Bellows
2. Scissors
3. Tongs
4. Pincers
5. Spectacles

The following nouns are used only in the plural.

(a) Trousers, Drawers, Breeches
(b) Measles, mumps
(c) Billiards, Draughts
(d) Annals, Thanks, Proceeds (of a sale), tidings, environs, nuptials, obsequies, assets, chattels.
(e) Alms, riches (and) eaves

These nouns, originally singular are now used in plural.

S is added to the principal-word in a compound noun to form its plural.


1. Commander-in-Chief…..Commanders-in-Chief
2. Coat-of-mail…..Coats-of-mail
3. Son-in-law…..Sons-in-law
4. Daughter-in-law….. Daughters-in-law
5. Step-son….. Step-sons
6. Step-daughter….. Step-daughters
7. Maid-servant….. Maid-servants
8. man-servant……men-servants
9. Passer-by….. Passers-by
10. Man-of-war….. Men-of-war
11. Looker-on….. Lookers-on
12. Spoonful….. Spoonfuls
13. Handful….. Handfuls

Italian words


1. Bandit….Banditti
2. Bandit….Bandits

Italian Singulars and Plurals

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