Job Search Tips for Graduates

Job Search Tips for Graduates :

RESEARCH : Graduates have to be able to demonstrate that they have a good understanding of the company and role requirements.

TARGET : Your application to the company and the job : Demonstrate that you have insight into what is required by showing how your skills match the job.

ARTICULATE : What you have learned and how this will help you in the job? Include enough detail to convey the applicability of your experiences to the position.

MOTIVATION : Graduates must be able to clearly show why they want to work for the company. Have at least 3 good reasons for applying for this job opportunity.

CULTURE FIT : Highlight how your values align with the organization's values. Provide supporting evidence such as your volunteer projects and interests.

COMPETENCIES : Companies seek behaviors that predict successful job performance including resilience and teamwork. Provide examples that demonstrate these desired competencies.

Job Search Tips for Graduates

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