Justice of God

Justice of God :

One fine day, during a conversation, King Akbar asked Birbal a question. He said, “Birbal, we all say that God is just and merciful. But I see that this is not true. In this world, we see so many different people. Some are very poor and others are wealthy. If God is our Father, we must all be treated equally by Him. Why does He show this prejudice?”

Birbal grew thoughtful and then replied, “Your Majesty, if the God does not do this, no one would pray to Him. You are our King and like a father to all the people in the kingdom. You yourself employ many people and to some of them you give rewards at times. Some receive five gold coins, some a hundred and some thousands. Why do you do that?”

King Akbar was perplexed at this question. He started thinking but did not get a suitable answer.

Then Birbal continued, “Your Majesty, you pay your servants or reward someone according to the work they do. One who works hard and long gets more than the one who does light work. Would it be right to call you unjust? At times when someone does wrong, you deduct some money from the pay or scold him hard. If everyone was paid equally then no task would be done well. The God helps those who work hard and always pray to Him. He does not let troubles hurt them. Those who do not toil enough are punished by Him. One gets the reward according to the work put in. One who works very hard eventually becomes rich and others stay as poor as they are. It is man’s own doing and God can do nothing about this.”

King Akbar understood the logic of Birbal’s explanation. He thought deeply for a while. Then he praised Birbal for his clever answer.

Justice of God

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